It is not just a clothing brand, it is a whole range of style and image that changes according to the times and trends of each season, to help today's woman look elegant, comfortable and safe. In 1993 Reina Díaz presents her first creations at Exhimoda, now Intermoda, in the city of Guadalajara, Jalisco. Event that served as a platform to show the public their avant-garde designs and thus make themselves known in the world of fashion. Currently Reina Díaz has established itself as a leading company in fashion marking, being today synonymous with quality and good taste. Reina Díaz already has 15 franchises throughout the country, as well as a presence in prestigious stores such as El Palacio de Hierro and regional department stores. Reina Díaz has been growing thanks to the great demand from people who, knowing the brand, realize the quality and unique appeal of its designs, making it a useful business tool. That is why Reina Díaz will undoubtedly continue to be present in the taste of women and setting the trend in Mexican fashion.