Termino y condiciones

Reina Diaz Online, with address located at: Cristobal Colón 1046-A, Col. Santa Cristina, Villa de Alvarez, Colima. 28973. in compliance with the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Parties (“the Law”), and its regulations, inform you that: Reina Diaz Online, protects and safeguards your personal data to avoid damage, loss, destruction, theft, loss, alteration, as well as unauthorized treatment. In this section, you will find the terms and conditions as well as the sales policies The promotions published on www.reinadiaz.com may differ from the current promotions in physical stores. The client or buyer authorizes that in the event that the product runs out, the return of their purchase is made SELLING POLICIES REINA DIAZ ONLINE reserves the right to sell the products shown on our page to the general public, and may omit or cancel any sale without prior notice, making a refund. In case of selling any product due to accidental misinformation either in the price of the item or characteristics of the item, REINA DIAZ ONLINE will cancel the sale and return the full purchase amount to the buyer. Shipping and Deliveries Shipping rates are based on the cost of purchase, and delivery time varies according to distance. Any order may have delays in delivery due to the following factors: 1) Due to the accreditation in payments (Delay by the payment system). 2) The destination area is difficult to access or limited access where the package will be delivered. 3) The product is on request. You must take into account that your first purchase is a payment accreditation time of 30 minutes to 48 hours. In order for your purchase to be eligible for the NEXT DAY delivery service, you must meet the following requirements: 1) Have paid and have your payment accredited before 1:00 p.m. Pacific time (UTC -6) 2) That the shipping area has service coverage. All shipments are measured under the concept "Business Days" which refers only from Monday to Friday, except holidays with a schedule from 9 to 18 hours. You will be informed via email of your guide number of the package ( s). The company Reina Diaz Online is not responsible in case of theft or damage of your product for reasons or actions of the company responsible for parcels. In case you want to insure your package, please inform us via email to guarantee the total value of your item (s) against possible theft or damage in transit. This charge is 2% of the total value of the items. which have to deposit them, send their proof via email and notify the insurance executive to their sales payment. Guarantee WILL I RECEIVE THE SAME PRODUCT THAT I SEE IN THE PHOTO? Yes, except in those products with artisan processes in which there could be a minimal difference in the finish. HOW I CAN MAKE SURE I MADE MY PURCHASE? Once your order is made, you will receive a confirmation email. If you do not receive it, contact our customer service department. CAN I KNOW WHAT STATUS MY ORDER IS IN? Yes, you can see the updated status of your order in real time. To do this, access the "Orders and Returns" section of your account. CAN I REMOVE AN ITEM FROM MY ORDER? Yes. From the shopping cart you can delete the items you do not want as long as you have not processed the order. CAN I CANCEL MY ORDER? Yes. You can cancel your order, as long as its status allows it. To do this, access the "Orders" section of your account and contact us at 312 3304823 or whatsapp 312 111 28 44 WHAT SHOULD I DO IF I RECEIVE A DEFECTIVE ITEM? Reina Diaz Online only sells items in perfect condition, so if, exceptionally, a garment with a defect arrives, contact our customer service department. WHAT SHOULD I DO IF I RECEIVE AN INCORRECT ITEM? If on any occasion, by mistake, you receive an article that you have not ordered, contact our customer service department at 312 3304823 or whatsapp 312 111 28 44 If you require an invoice, you must request it by mail to contacto@reinadiaz.com. Your invoice will be sent via email within 24 hours once the data is sent. It is important to consider that billing requests submitted on the last business day of the month may be limited by the saturation of the platform. Security Privacy Your privacy is important to us. We strive to exceed your expectations in terms of privacy. You can be contacted to confirm name, delivery address, items purchased and method of payment, this process is for your own safety, rarely delays your order and is generally only necessary